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There are a total of 500 coins available each year and each coin is individually  numbered on the rear just below the Schofiled House.  Each Grand Master during his term has the opportunity to choose the design to be placed on the front of the coin. In 2014 the Grand Master chose to place his pin design on the front of the coin. In 2015 the Grand Master chose to Honor the Scottish Rite during their 150 anniversary in Indiana.  In 2016 The Grand Master chosen to place the State Seal on the front to Honor the 200th Anniversary of our State of Indiana Joining the Union.  In 2017 the Grand Master has chosen to Honor the City of Madison and the Ohio River which brought Masons to Madison to form the Grand Lodge.  And 2018 the Grand Master has chose to place his Two-hundredth  Anniversary logo of forming the Grand Lodge design on the coin.  These Coin sets are numbered and reserved for those that purchased one or more coins but not the complete sets.  We have many un-purchased sets in our inventory! The Board of Directors have voted to reserve these sets until July 1st, 2019 which is well beyond the anniversary year of 2018.  All sets not purchased by this date will be available for anyone to purchase at that time of July 1, 2019.  If you wish to complete your numbered set please do so prior to this date or your numbers will be available to anyone.  Coins will continue to be sold after July 1 2019 in randomly numbered sets.

2017 "Honoring Madison and the River"

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